On the calendar below find the best days for the various types of fishing that we do.
This is a guide only and Based on my experience.
General Fishing will normally be up to 45 min. steam to grounds
Then drop anchor and fish with bait for target species.
A normal Tope Fishing Day will start with a 40 min. steam
to try and catch some Mackerel for bait
then another 45 min. steam to grounds and drift fish.
Please be aware Tope are small sharks and getting them up from deep water can be hard work.
At the moment Tope and Spurdog are catch and release only.
A normal wreck fishing day will start with a 1 up to 2 hour steam
Then drifting with Lures or Bait over wrecks.
some gear will inevitably be lost, so bring plenty.
Drift Fishing is self explanatory but, although it sounds easy, does take some skill.
Also The Drift Fishing Tides Generally coincide with Wreck Fishing Tides so we often combine the two.
Bass fishing is a skill all on its own, I have been fishing for them for over 40 years
10 of which i was a professional Bass fisherman and i am still learning.
We normally drift fish for them with live bait or Lures over ground or wrecks.
If we can keep any or not depends on the MMO
But this is the story at the moment.
As an attempt to make the calendar more useable on mobile phones
The colours are
Tope Fishing
General Fishing
Bass Fishing
Wreck Fishing
Drift Fishing
Bream Fishing